Meet Erik Seveke; CEO of SimpledCard

Portraits 12 Apr 2022


Erik Seveke truly knows both sides of the business. He’s been one of the founders of product development company GlobalOrange and now is CEO of SimpledCard. A unique combination of business prepaid cards, a Card Management System and an easy to use expense app. SimpledCard helps you to maintain security and control over your business expenses while saving valuable time and energy for your core business. The company recently secured a fresh round of funding and is ready to conquer Europe.

Like his business partner from his first (real) company, Erik studied in Delft. After his studies, he joined ABN AMRO and acquired quite some experience in banking. After that, he started GlobalOrange, together with Yvo Gortemaker. About 10 years later ‘the SimpledCard’ opportunity arose. It was a great opportunity to show how a product company should be run and grown. And also, to get back into finance. Because that’s where his passions lay; the cutting edge of finance and technology.

Making an impact and converging fast

What drives Erik as an entrepreneur is making an impact by creating value for his customers. One of his key takeaways from almost two decades as an entrepreneur is not trying to sell everything to everybody. Try to converge, and do it as quickly as you can. And, know that the things that keep you up at night are the things that teach you the most.

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